The Arts Society Harpenden Area

The Book, The Devil and my Uncle’s Bagpipe

Lecturer: Sophie Matthews

Thursday 21st November 2024 at 10.30am

This lecture looks at the story of a remarkable book published in 1539 called In Chaldaicam Lingua. It was published by Theseo Ambrogio. Ambrogio also had an eccentric uncle who was an inventor and had invented a brand new kind of bagpipe, he included the designs for his Uncle’s Bagpipe in his new book of prayers. As well as the details of a seance he held with the devil…complete with the devil’s answer. Sophie Matthews is a musician and her interest in this book came through the musical side. As part of the lecture she has a reconstruction of the Uncle’s Bagpipe to play for you, as well as an original copy of the book.

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