The Hurst Children’s Theatre Group

Thursday 7th July 5pm

Friday 8th July 7pm

Saturday 9th July 1pm & 7pm

Sunday 10th July 12pm & 6pm

This is the tale of silent movie star cowboy The Dead End Kid. Sacked by his studio because he really wants to be a ‘singer’, he is hired by the Mayor of SoftBed Springs to rid the town of Lucretia McEvil and her gang.

The Kid thinks it’s a showbiz booking. When he realizes his mistake, he quits town and is branded a coward. After help and training from various locals, he resolves to return to SoftBed and deal with McEvil. The shoot out takes place at the OK Corral. Although this is a World where they use ‘buns’ not ‘guns’!!

Played by children aged 3 to 18 with their usual boundless energy and enthusiasm, this is a musical comedy not to miss. Fun for all the family with songs (old and new) not to mention line dancing and plenty of bunfighting. Taking inspiration from the likes of The 3 Amigos, Calamity Jane and the Magnificent Seven.

Jonas Hurst and the HCTG group have been producing shows in Harpenden for over 15 years. It is a tried and tested recipe with many devotees returning year after year for fun and entertainment.

Bookings and enquiries should be made by email hctg@live.co.uk or telephone 07568 363104. There is more info on their website www.hurstchildrenstheatregroup.co.uk